Monday, March 23, 2009

HotOS paper list released

The list of accepted papers for HotOS 2009 is out, and power starts to show up heavily. The final papers won't be ready before the end of the semester, most likely, but perhaps we'll be able to get a few pre-copies to look at. Obviously power-relevant titles include:
  • Operating System Support for NVM+DRAM Hybrid Main Memory (expect to see more of this over the next few years)
  • Mobility Changes Everything in Low-Power Wireless Sensornets
  • FAWNdamentally Power-efficient Clusters
  • perhaps: Peloton: Coordinated Resource Management for Sensor Networks (sensor "resources" almost always include power)
  • perhaps: Augmented Smart Phone Applications Through Clone Cloud Execution (title sounds similar to the Kimberly paper we read)

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